Quarterly Pest Control Services

8-Step Treatment Process

Our quarterly pest control is based on a simple but effective philosophy.  The most effective control starts with treating from the corners of your property all the way up to your structures to greatly reduce pest activity that ever has a chance to make it all the way to the entry points of your house. Then, using the right products, make sure any pests that try to get in from there are eliminated. We accomplish this with the following steps:


Professional Inspection

  • This is a key step to make sure we are performing the best treatments and giving any extra attention, if needed, to the right places to accomplish the results that we all expect.
  • Depending on what is found during the inspection, some specific changes may need to be made to our treatment for that service to address the nature of that specific issue.
  • For example, some types of ants require special treatments if they have invaded the structure or are too close to entry points at the time of the service that it is possible that some may have gone into some voids of the house. For this issue, we would swap some of our typical quarterly treatments for treatments that will solve this problem while keeping the house protected. Doing the wrong treatments for these ants could result in a bigger issue inside the house.

Property Line Treatment

  • We treat the property lines with products to reduce activity of structural pests through your lawn and to your landscaping.

Landscaping and Mulch

  • Treat all landscaping and mulch areas with granular repellents.
  • The pests that will eventually try to get inside the house usually start off by nesting in the mulch and landscaping. If we can keep these areas under control, it will reduce the level of activity that may try to get inside later.

Perimeter Spraying

  • Perimeter spray to create barriers of protection.
  • We apply this treatment around all unblocked areas of the structure’s foundation.
  • Treatment is 2ft. up the foundation and 2ft. off the foundation at a minimum.
  • This will provide a knockdown treatment of any pests nesting in these areas on contact and, with the product barriers, eliminate pests that try to nest or travel these areas afterward.

Foundation Dusting

  • Dust foundation weep holes, cracks, crevices, and wall voids.
  • After door and window entryways, these areas are the most likely entry points for pests around your home. When the dust is applied, it expands to fill the space of the void and sticks to any pests who nest there at the time of application or try to pass through later.
  • Once the dust settles, it remains active for several months toward eliminating pests that attempt to crawl through to gain entry.

Spot Treatment

  • Spot treat around doors and windows with liquid residual product barriers.
  • If the pests make it to your doors and windows, they most likely intend to come inside. This step of the service ensures that if they cross this barrier, even after a great deal of time after treatment, they will get a dose of the residual product and die.
  • There are no products that we can use that will allow the residual to kill on contact, but these products will work after a short time following contact.  Some pests that are more social such as ants and some cockroaches may also share that residual before they go, spreading the effects beyond the thresholds of the doors and windows.

Cobwebs & Nests

  • Sweeping cobwebs and wasp nests within reach.
  • Spiders can be a very difficult pest to control, even with all the barriers we create.  One of the best methods of control is to sweep cobwebs and, more importantly, egg sacks from windows, doors, eaves, etc.
  • Wasps are impossible to completely prevent from coming around due to the fact they can fly. But we can keep them from nesting on your property. If they are building a nest on your eaves, fences, gates, your children’s play sets, or anywhere else we find them on your property we will treat the wasps in reach typically using a quick knockdown product and remove the unsightly nest.
  • We will scrape off mud dauber nests around the property as well, although some evidence will most likely remain that it was there once.
  • Our sweepers can reach most eaves in the area, but if there are some difficult to reach areas, we may not be able to sweep those areas.  We will always do our best to get them all and will inform you of any areas that could not be serviced.

Professional Communication

  • For us this is the most important step, so you will find this step in all our services. It is important to us to make sure there is effective communication from every step from giving you quotes and starting services to scheduling services and providing you detailed reports as we work with you to keep your home protected.
  • After any service, you will be provided with a detailed report about the service.  This report will also contain any recommendations and conditions we find that may be conducive to increased pest activity and how they can be corrected if possible.



Interior Service

  • We understand that not every person or household feels the same way about have treatment inside the house. Therefore, our policy on interior service is simple.
  •  If you have issues with a covered pest inside, we will provide the service for it. Specific treatments for specific pests will be administered in areas of sighted activity by you before that day’s service or during service.
  •  If you want preventative service during any quarterly service, we will provide it. Whether you want just the likely pest harborage areas treated or every room treated, and everything in between.
  • If you do not like treatments inside, no treatment will be done unless you tell us you need it.

New mulch retreat (1 time per year)

  • If you have your landscaping or any other mulch area replaced with new mulch after a quarterly service and if your next service isn’t due for some time, we will come out and retreat the new mulch once per year at no additional charge. All you must do is notify us as to when the new mulch is due to be placed and we will schedule the service with you soon thereafter.
  • The reason we offer this service is because we know that new pests are typically introduced through new mulch. Our goal is to work with you to treat soon after the new mulch is brought in before the newly introduced pests start presenting issues.