Fire Ant Prevention Services

3-Step Fire Ant Prevention Process

Fire ants are one of the most painful and unwanted pests that Texas has to offer. If you grew up here, you probably have a painful childhood memory of that time you didn’t realize you were standing in a fire ant mound. If you have just moved here from out of state, hopefully your neighbors will warn you about the fire ants before you experience their painful stings. Our goal with this package is to provide a treatment that settles deep in the soil of your lawn and landscaping, eliminating them before they even become a nuisance for your family at the surface.

*Pricing is based on yard size.

*One paid treatment per year, unless you’re on the Platinum or Gold plan.


Inspection and Spot Treatment

  • Find and treat all visible fire ant mounds at the time of service.

Preventative granular application

  • Applied to all lawn areas, landscaping, ground covers, and rock or pebble areas.
  • Product must be watered into soil within 48 hours of service for best results.
  • It may take the preventative granular up to 30 to 45 days for full results on first yearly application. If there are any issues in that time frame, please let us know.

Professional communication

  • As always, you will receive a report upon completion.
Upon Request

New mulch retreat (1 time per year upon request) - Going the extra mile

  • If you get new mulch after fire ant prevention is applied, but your service is not coming up, we will retreat the new mulch areas for you 1 time per year at no additional charge.
  • We include this because it is very likely that fire ants will be reintroduced into your landscaping or other mulch areas via the new mulch.