Hitchhiking Pests

Bedbugs, German Roaches and Fleas

These here pests are the worst of the worst.  You can't keep them out with outside services, because they hitch a ride right past all those barriers. You can get many of these critters from friends and family staying over, staying at a hotel (even the nice ones), buying something used from other people, or from a family pet in the case of fleas.  If you get these nasty and harmful critters inside, specialty treatment is needed to eliminate the infestation.


  • Inspection
  • Inspection is a flat fee of $49.99.
  • If treatment is needed and agreed upon, inspection fee will be waived when service is done.
  • Pricing for treatment will be based on level of infestation, determined by the inspection.


*Not covered with quarterly pest control or one time pest treatments, as these pests cannot be prevented with product barriers as other cockroaches are because they hitchhike on people or objects to get into your home.

  • Free inspection to determine level of infestation.
  • Pricing is based on level of infestation and the time/products that are needed to eliminate the infestation.


  • Free inspection with pricing based off inspection.
  • Treatment will include inside and outside service to eliminate flea infestations in both areas. Treatment will need to be planned for a time when people and animals can be away from the house for a couple of hours after treatment.
  • There will be some prep work that has to be done by you before service, and some steps done after service to ensure success.  A checklist will be provided upon request for service.