Mosquito Service (Monthly)

4-Step Mosquito Control Process

As any Texan knows (and anyone moving to Texas will find out) mosquitoes can terrorize you as you try to enjoy your outdoor space, or even as you walk from your house to your car. We fight back by attacking them where they nest and where they lay their eggs, and also use special products to inhibit mosquito procreation on your property.

*Mosquito season runs typically from March until September in North Texas

*30-day guarantee if on month to month service.



  •  We inspect the property for mosquito harborage areas, breeding areas, and any other mosquito related concern.

Treating Harborage Areas

  • We use a spray that combines a residual product with an insect growth regulator to mosquito harborage areas that include but may not be limited to eaves, exterior walls, ornamental trees & shrubs, fences, and shady areas of the lawn.
  • Treatment acts as a one – two punch using fast acting contact and residual kill products with a procreation inhibitor.

Larvacide – Going the extra mile

  • We also help to break the mosquito life cycles within your property area by applying a larvacide to any standing water on your property. Remember, a small bottle cap full of water can turn into over 400 mosquitoes within a matter of weeks.

Professional Communication

  • As in all of our treatments, we strive to make sure you know what is going on with services completed on your property.  With mosquitoes, we also believe it is important for you to know any conditions that may be conducive to increased mosquito activity and work with you to keep mosquitoes under control.