Big Tex Pest Solutions

Texas Sized Pests Need Texas Sized Solutions

Our Mission:

We want to work with you to give you the best personalized pest solutions for your house, your property, and for your family to prevent unwanted pest issues, without the big box gimmicks, without the coercive cancellation fees, and without the spray and pray.

No contracts, no cancellation fees!

There may be an agreement only to spell out the terms of service so that both parties are on the same page.  There is no 1 or 2 year contract. And if we cannot continually earn your business, we will not force you to keep us with threats of costly cancellation fees.

Ditch the 20 foot rule!

There are pests further than 20 feet from the house, and we want to reduce their populations before they ever get within 20 feet of the house. 

Our solutions will always include treatments on the full improved property. And unlike other pest companies, we don't ignore your fences. 

Our Services Include:

If you've seen it, we've killed it! Below are some of the most common pest solutions we offer our customers. 

Pest Control

Mosquito Control

Bed Bug Treatment

Rodent Control

Spider Control

Ant Control

Cockroach Control

Other Pests

We Know Texas Pests

Big Tex Pest Solutions is staffed by service professionals who know local pest problems inside and out. We live in the area and work all over the D/FW area. We understand the threat of ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitos, rodents and more in the North Texas area. 

Areas we service